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“All the interior woodwork in this home, including the staircase, are made from African mahogany. The house “is built like a piece of furniture,” says architect Paul Rovinelli.” Downeast Magazine, July, 2009

...the house has been turned into something wondrous. The most prominent additions are the two towers – one circular the other octagonal – at opposite ends of the house. ‘the turrets are grand statements’ says the architect ‘but they look comfortable on the hillside in that they relate to the pine trees and granite outcroppings. --Reclaiming a Namesake, Down East Magazine, July, 2000

…the house is literally pinned to the ledge, perched on wooden poles and concrete piers to lessen the damage on the trees’ shallow root systems. …a crane was used to lower post and beam framing and prefabricated stress-kiln panels into place. In that way the builders…were also able to minimize on-site construction time when putting up the house’s shell. --Deer Isle Tree House, Down East Magazine, March, 2002

...(The Hewes & Company crew) has worked continually on The Head and in turn has become a part of island life. Meticulous craftsmen, they have kept people's spirits high throughout the lengthy job... and, like The Head's original builder, Hewes & Company have left their signature. -- Treasured Island, The Ellsworth American, March 12, 2009

When even the framework of a home, which no one sees, is built with such care, you know when it’s all done, you’ll have a work of art.
--Michael Hewes & Company: Building Structure & Relationship --Maine Builder/Architect, February, 1995

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